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The permanent exhibition on display in Trenton is recognized at the World's Largest Collection of Porcelain Veilleuse-Theieres. The teapots on display are dated from 1750 to 1860.

In 1955, Dr. Freed began donated 525 teapots to the City of Trenton. The collection was given over a period of years. The teapots were initially on display in the lobby of the Peabody High School Auditorium. However, when a new Municipal Building was constructed, Dr. Freed has a special display case built to permanently house the treasures in the city council chambers. Now over 3,000 visitors annually come to the area to view the collection.

On these pages are 160 of the 525 that was selected to display on the web-site.  The pictures are large enough to get a good idea of their beauty but it not like seeing them up close in the display case in the Municipal Building.  If you get a chance to come to Trenton, please take the time to visit the World's Largest Collection of Porcelain Veilleuse-Theieres.  The admission is free to see the collection.

There is a catalog that shows all 525 teapots with discription as shown on these pages.  The sequence of the teapots displayed on the web-site is by the assigned number of the teapot.

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/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/392_Resized_238x381.jpgTeapot #392

Traditional shape, white background, wide royal blue band around base, stand and conforming

pot, roses and gilding between bands on stand and pot.

Acquired in Nimes









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/393_Resized_238x499.jpgTeapot #393

Figurine, man seated on rococo base behind square pot, animalistic spout, boy and girl on

stand gaily dressed in flowered clothes in front of shield, white background, much gilding.

Acquired in Versailles













/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/394_Resized_238x407.jpgTeapot #394

Hexagonal stand and pot with blue floral in diagonal panels. Pink on base of pot, gold and

animalistic spout.











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/395_Resized_238x416.jpgTeapot #395

Bulbous stand, white and gold decorations, gold and white rope side handles, white fringe with

gold tassels hand from top of stand and pot.

Acquired in Paris











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/396.jpgTeapot #396

Traditional, turret top, brown stone base, sepia stand, large white panel, chateau, horses,

figures and sailing ship, white pot with gold lines; fine porcelain.

Acquired in London









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/397.jpgTeapot #397

Figurine, man seated on rococo base behind square pot, animalistic spout, boy and girl on

stand gaily dressed in flowered clothes in front of shield, white background, much gilding.

Acquired in Paris









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/398.jpgTeapot #398

Quadrangular, embossed, glazed mill, green and tan base of stone with ladder leading up to

entrance of square stand of variegated tile brick, hay pulley and spout at top, four bladed

windmill on side, top of pot has four dormer windows and a white dove; t

Acquired in Madrid








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/399.jpgTeapot #399

Figurine, "Girl Winding yarn", a cat rampant at her feet, reaching for the yarn, white with much

gold decorations, black hair.

Acquired in Paris














/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/400.jpgTeapot #400

Conventional decorations, pink roses and gilding, ball finial, heavy porcelain.

Acquired in Bruges












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/401.jpgTeapot #401

Cylindrical stand on base, globose pot, dragon spout, cobalt blue painted with reserve flowers,

much gilding.

Acquired in Ch√Ęteau de la Bastile









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/402.jpgTeapot #402

Conventional, high floral decorations, much gilding. P. Martel 1830.

Acquired in Chateau de Nozellas, Indre et Loire








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/403.jpgTeapot #403

White and orange and gold band on stand and pot.

Acquired in Paris











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/404.jpgTeapot #404

Ovoid, stand has rectangular collar with gold tear-drop bells, gilded framed panels on stand

and conforming pot; on one panel Chinese man and woman, other panel floral design, colors

royal blue, gold and white.

Acquired in Chantilly








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/405.jpgTeapot #405

Square, white with gold trim, panels of roses on two sides, other panels gold, conforming pot

with same decorations, rococo base.

Acquired in Paris










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/406.jpgTeapot #406

Odd shape, white with entwining brown and green tree branches and bouquets of flowers on

stand, conforming pot with matching spout and handles, tree branch finial on cover.

Acquired in Vieux Paris









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/407.jpgTeapot #407

Empire, center piece pale blue and black with gold and pink roses strung out garland fashion;

tan around fluted collar and top of pot.

Acquired in Ajaccio, Corsica












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/408.jpgTeapot #408

White with coral handles and spout, gilt lines around stand and spout, medallions on stand and

spout; on pot Diane de Poitiers, on stand Catherine de Medici.

Acquired in Avignon











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/409.jpgTeapot #409

Shapely squatty white with much gold on stand and pot, crescent on handle.

Acquired in Nimes












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/410.jpgTeapot #410

Tall oval with large royal blue and gold leaves extending from the sides, roses painted on white


Acquired in Florence












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/411.jpgTeapot #411

Figurine, "Rebecca of the Well", pot on top of head held by left hand, magenta bodice and skirt,

canary yellow overskirt and blouse, rococo base.

Acquired in Vienna

















/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/413.jpgTeapot #413

Figurine, "Queen", all white, scroll in left hand, ruffled collar, puffed sleeves, Chatelaine, rococo


Acquired in Bristol, England













/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/414.jpgTeapot #414

Oval stand with conforming pot, blue and gold white background, floral shield on stand and

pot, blue and gold leaves, horizontal at top and bottom of stand, hanging leaves from top of


Acquired in Pisa








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/415.jpgTeapot #415

Figuring, "Lady with Flowing Skirt", all white, glazed holding dog with right arm, left arm at side,

white collar, two strand necklace.

Acquired in Paris











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/421.jpgTeapot #421

Octagonal stand on four white feet, highly colorful, mostly crackle gold with floral decorations in

one panel on stand and two panels on pot; gold and white teardrops hang from top of stand

below scalloped collar.

Acquired in Nancy, France








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/423.jpgTeapot #423

Tapering stand, conforming pot with square handle and spout; white background with birds,

branches and flowers in blue and brown with bittersweet berries, linear gilding.

Acquired in Lourdes











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/424.jpgTeapot #424

"Theatre", hexagonal, cream and green marble steps, burgundy and blue vestibule drapes, art

glass windows teardrops to top of stand which is on a brown and green base, conforming pot.

Acquired in Chalon Sur Marne










/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/425.jpgTeapot #425

Oval, azure blue base and pot, center stand lemon cream, turret top, pink roses, bees and


Acquired in Paris











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/426.jpgTeapot #426

Embossed stand, white background with blue outlined shield, scalloped top to stand, gold

decorations, rococo base.

Acquired in Chantilly












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/427.jpgTeapot #427

Conventional, inclined stand, white background, pink and blue floral design with black frame,

gold medallions, conforming pot.

Acquired in Rouen












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/428.jpgTeapot #428

Conventional, golf pot sky blue background on stand decorated with castle and fortress (2) and

characters (2) of Belle Epoque. Signed P. Toulluc 1832.

Acquired in Manoir de Tiezas









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/429.jpgTeapot #429

Heavy porcelain, white background, delicate pink on base and top of pot, bouquets on pot and

stand, gold spout and handle.

Acquired in Avallon







/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/431.jpgTeapot #431

Conventional, cylindrical, rose pink with gilding on stand and pot, six panels of figures in gilt

beaded frames on stand and spout; gilded spout and handle.

Acquired in Madrid







/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/432.jpgTeapot #432

Cylindrical, all white, turret top, stand with slit holes and round air vents.

Acquired in Rouen












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/433.jpgTeapot #433

Figurine, "Man Behind Square Pot", magenta jacket, canary shirt, striped pants, black shoes,

four children around white and gold rococo base.

Acquired in Chamonix












/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/434.jpgTeapot #434

Cylindrical, thin porcelain, white background, many floral decorations, pink roses on one side,

purple tulip and "Bon Soir" on the other, conforming pot, short spout. Signed Terrier 1849











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/435.jpgTeapot #435

Turret top, brown base, green trees, farm houses, purple mountain, brown rocks.

Acquired in Quimper











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/438.jpgTeapot #438

Conventional, white, blue lines on stand and pot, floral designs and Swiss, Denmark, Italian

and German postage stamps. Richard Genori -- "Valentino Brosio".









/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/439.jpgTeapot #439

Rectangular, on four feet, white background, fluted gold top to stand and conforming pot,

narrow Sevres blue line outline to panel.

Acquired in Avignon











/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/440.jpgTeapot #440

Figurine "Mythological Character" like a pig, long brown snout; white and gold rococo base

shield framed in gold, high priest in green robe with kneeling woman being condemned, and

devils waiting behind her.

Acquired in Nice








/files/Teapot Collection/Teapots By Number/441.jpgTeapot #441

Figurine, "Mythological Character", like a pig, long snout, white and gold rococo base, floral

shield with flowers on white, green arms, head and bottom green.

Acquired in Nice














































































































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